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Unleashing the full potential of myeloid cells

PrimeBody is an antibody-based therapeutics platform utilizing an all-in-one approach of tumor-activation and targeting for cancer immunotherapy

Multi-specific modular platform for single agent activity, high tumor specificity, systemic administration, and wide therapeutic index

Proprietary mask

Protease-cleaveable linker

Myeloid immune checkpoint inhibitor

Myeloid immune stimulator




In healthy peripheral tissue

In tumor microenvironment

myeloid immune checkpoint inhibitor remains inactive in healthy issue

myeloid immune checkpoint inhibitor is selectively activated in TME

This is a conceptual schematic for illustrative purposes

PrimeBody orchestrates innate and adaptive immune response in a tumor-selective manner for long-term cancer immunity

Voro Therapeutics is primed to transform cancer immunotherapy

Voro's proprietary masking technology combined with modular elements are primed to initiate an immune response with myeloid cells that can than recruit and educate T and NK cells.


Avoid on-target systemic toxicity

Conventional biologics exhibit on-target systemic toxicity and broad tissue distribution, leading to poor therapeutic index.

PrimeBodies stay masked until they reach their target tumor tissue, avoiding systemic toxicity and allowing a higher therapeutic index to be achieved.

Our Approach

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